Highways & Neighbourhoods Cabinet Member – Minutes – 31 December 2012

124 (31) HIGHWAYS LOCAL TRANSPORT PLAN PROGRAMME UPDATE – The Director of Places submitted a report updating the Cabinet Member on the progress of delivering the current Local Transport Plan and Capital budget programmes.

Transport capital expenditure was secured through the Local Transport Plan (LTP) process.  The council was required to submit a LTP submission to the Department for Transport.  The plan set out transport priorities for the council.  This year had seen the start of the third generation of the plans, which now covered a 15 year period. 

As part of the LTP submission, councils were required to produce a three-year Delivery Plan.  The plan set out the programme of themes and expected outcomes for the plan.

There were two funding streams within the LTP award. These were Integrated Transport and Highway Maintenance. The allocations for the current year including carry forwards were as follows:

  • Integrated Transport £ 1,108,000
  • Highway Maintenance £ 4,257,330

All funding received through the LTP process was assessed by professionally qualified officers, considering transport priorities and performance targets. The breakdown into programmes of work was assessed using agreed policies and criteria.

Highway maintenance schemes were prioritised using nationally recognised highway condition assessment criteria within a prioritisation framework. Where appropriate, maintenance schemes also included measures to improve road safety (particularly for vulnerable road users), increase personal security, reduce crime and enhance the street scene.

Resolved – That the progress of the delivery of the programme be noted.

125 (32) REVIEW OF DOG CONTROL ORDERS – The Director of Places submitted a report informing the Cabinet Member on the method to change Dog Control Orders.

The council had adopted Dog Control Orders (DCOs) on 19 March 2008.  DCOs covered land that was open to the air to which the public could enter, with or without payment.  DCOs covered land under the council’s ownership, as well as ownership by Town and Parish Councils.

DCOs allowed the council to take action against irresponsible dog owners/persons in control of a dog, either by Fixed Penalty Notice or legal proceedings.  Registered blind people and people with disabilities with trained assistance dogs were not governed by DCOs.

The Dogs Specified Number (North Lincolnshire) Order 2008 and The Fouling on Land by Dogs (North Lincolnshire) Order 2008 covered all land to the open air.  The Dogs Exclusion (North Lincolnshire) Order 2008 [The Order] only covered fenced off schools and fenced off children’s play areas.

Since the council adopted The Order more houses had been built and Town and Parish Councils had refurbished existing and built new fenced off children’s play areas.  These were not covered by The Order, and Town and Parish Councils had asked that they were.

Changes to DCOs must follow the Dog Control Order Regulations 2006, this required consultation and the display of public notices.

Resolved – (a) That the proposal to consult on and extend the extent of land covered by the Dogs Exclusion (North Lincolnshire) Order 2008 be approved; (b) that the proposal to erect no dog signs at the entrance to all land covered by The Dogs Exclusion (North Lincolnshire) Order 2008, free of charge, be approved; (c) that assistance be offered in the training of suitable persons in local communities to be accredited under the Police Reform Act 2002 to enforce the provisions of Dog Control Orders, and (d) that the council works in partnership with the Police to enforce Dog Control Orders and that Fixed Penalty Notices given by both parties be administered by the council.

126 (33) EXPERIMENTAL TRAFFIC REGULATION ORDER – RESIDENTS’ PARKING FRANCES STREET/ALLANBY STREET AREA, SCUNTHORPE – The Director of Places submitted a report seeking approval to trial a Residents’ Parking scheme in the Frances Street/Allanby Street area of Scunthorpe.

The former Cabinet Member for Highways, Planning and Energy approved making the residents’ parking trial in Brigg a permanent feature (minute 113 refers).  This decision also allowed officers to look into implementing residents’ parking schemes in other areas, such as Frances Street.

The council received a petition from residents of Frances Street in June 2011.  The Highways and Neighbourhoods Cabinet Member asked officers to look into the matter.

It was agreed that any such schemes should be self financing via permit sales.  Fourteen residents had now said they would buy a permit for this scheme.

Resolved – (a) That the introduction of the Experimental Traffic Regulation Order, as shown in the plans in Appendix 1 to the report, be approved, and (b) that officers arrange for the order as a twelve month trial, following normal statutory procedure, and report back with results.

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