People Cabinet Member – Minutes – 20 December 2012

41        (41) GRANGE LANE INFANT SCHOOL AND GRANGE LANE JUNIOR SCHOOL AMALGAMATION PROPOSAL – The Director of People submitted a report to update the Cabinet member on the feedback from the public consultation for the proposed merger and also sought approval to proceed to the next stage and publish the ‘public notice’.

Grange Lane Infant School and Grange Lane Junior School were separate schools and each had its own governing body and head teacher.

In October 2011 North Lincolnshire Council successfully applied to the Department for Education (DfE) for funding to create a new-build primary school to replace Grange Lane Infant School and Grange Lane Junior School.  This funding was part of the DfE’s national ‘Priority School Building programme’ (PSBP) initiative.

It was explained that the local authority undertook a formal consultation from 20 May 2012to 1 July 2012, and the consultation feedback was appended to the report for consideration.  The outcome of the consultation showed that there was support for the amalgamation proposals.

The Cabinet Member was advised that the public notice would confirm the amalgamation of Grange Lane Infant School and Grange Lane Junior Schools, to commence with effect from 1September 2014.   This date had been recommended as it allowed sufficient time, prior to the completion of the new-build, for the leadership team to be established. 

It was considered that the proposed timescale for implementation would allow sufficient time to establish a shadow governing body and for them to appoint the head teacher in advance of the merger date.

ResolvedThat a public notice that outlines the proposals to merge Grange Lane Infant School and Grange Lane Junior School to create a new Primary school with effect from 1 September 2014 be published.