People Cabinet Member – Minutes – 29 January 2013

46        (46) SCHOOLS FUNDING FORMULA – The Director of People submitted a report informing the Cabinet Member of the changes in the Schools funding System and the Dedicated Schools Grant allocations for 2013-14.  The report also provided an update of the increase in the Pupil Premium grant for 2013-14, and sought approval of the unit values to be used to calculate the funding formula shares for mainstream schools and academies in North Lincolnshire 2013-14.

An urgent decision was required in order that schools could have maximum benefit from the funding formula reforms and enable each school to receive their funding information promptly.

Following the consultation during the Spring term 2012, the Department for Education (DFE) published ‘School funding reform – Arrangements for 2013-14’ and ‘Operational guidance for Local Authorities – 2013-14 revenue funding arrangements’ on 28 June 2012.  The School Funding Reforms updated the  arrangements that were prescribed under the School Finance Regulations 2012 which specified how local authorities could determine and allocate individual school budget shares to schools within their area

This report outlined the key implications of the changes for the Local Authority area and in particular highlighted the key changes to the determination of individual school budget shares.

Details of the proposals were outlined within the report and the funding formula unit values in were outlined in Appendix 1 to the report.

Resolved – That the funding formula unit values in Appendix 1 to the report be used to calculate the individual schools budget shares for mainstream schools and academies within North Lincolnshire for 2013-14.

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