People Cabinet Member – Minutes – 5 April 2013 (2)

64  (64) Proposal to create four senior outreach youth service workers – The Director of People submitted a report which sought approval to create four senior outreach youth workers.
The Outreach Youth Service had been established as part of the review of Youth Services.  It was anticipated that the Service would provide a link between the young people, the local area and facilities and wider services that could help create positive experiences and outcomes for those young people not engaged and or those who were engaged in “not so positive activities”.

It was explained that the service would draw upon the unique skills and abilities of staff who could work with young people, families, schools, communities and other agencies to maximise their knowledge of these young people and give them a familiar person who they could seek support and guidance from and where they would be encouraged to use mainstream resources/services.

The report outlined how the service would be based within the Children Services Division and would consist of 16 Outreach Youth Service workers (OYSW) (6hrs per worker), and 4 Senior Youth Service workers (6hrs per worker) who would  oversee the day to day logistics in an allocated area as well as working and supporting the OYSW on the front line and oversight of the service.

Resolved – (a) That the creation of 4 senior outreach youth workers posts be approved, and (b) that the cabinet member continues to support the creation of 16 outreach posts.