People Cabinet Member – Minutes – 5 April 2013

65  (65) SCHOOLS INVESTMENT PROGRAMME UPDATE The Director of People submitted a report to update the Cabinet Member on the recent Department for Education (DfE) capital announcements and the implications for the capital programme, and sought approval for the revised capital programme and to proceed with the proposed outlined schemes for 2013-14 starts.
It was explained that the capital programme for 2013-17 was approved by Council on 19 February 2013, which incorporated the People Directorate’s School and Children’s Centres Investment Programme (SCCIP) and the Schools’ Temporary Building Replacement Programme.  As the capital allocations had been confirmed, the report provided an update for the Cabinet Member on funding and options for investment.Details of the proposed projects were outlined within the report and had been developed in conjunction with the prioritisation outlined within the report and/or in line with the framework for developing a sustainable Primary School Estate and took into account the net shortfall in anticipated funding.

Details of the proposed works were outlined within appendices 1 and 2 of the report.

Resolved – (a) That Option 1 as detailed within the report be approved.

66  (66)  CONSULTATION ON THE PROPOSAL TO ALMALGAMATE BROUGHTON INFANT SCHOOL AND BROUGHTON JUNIOR SCHOOL – The Director of People submitted a report which sought approval to undertake a public consultation regarding a proposal to amalgamate Broughton Infant School and Broughton Junior School.

It was explained that on 1 September 2012 Broughton Infant School and Broughton Junior School formed a hard federation, which meant that that a single leadership team (including a single governing body) was appointed to oversee the effective running of both schools.  Although the schools were federated, legally they remained separate entities and operated independently in respect of Ofsted outcomes, funding allocations and school admissions.

The Schools and Children’s Centre Capital Programme included a scheme to extend  the junior school’s buildings so all the infant school pupils could be co-located on the same site together with the junior school pupils. It was proposed that the new-build extension would be fully completed by September 2014.

Despite being co-located, the schools would continue to be classed as separate infant and junior schools, unless the council formally sought to amalgamate the schools.  Through informal discussion with the school it was agreed that formal amalgamation would be the next logical step and the proposed consultation would provide the opportunity to formally capture stakeholder views.

Resolved – That option 1 (as detailed within the report), to undertake public consultation regarding the proposal to amalgamate Broughton Infant School and Broughton Junior School with effect from 1 September 2014, be approved.

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