People Cabinet Member – Minutes – 6 July 2012

8          (8) FIELDSIDE CHILDREN’S HOME – SURPLUS TO REQUIREMENTS The Director of People submitted a report which sought approval to declare the children’s home at Epworth surplus to the requirements of Specialist Services, Peoples Directorate.

The report identified that a review of children’s home provision had been undertaken and the resultant recommendations included closure of Fieldside and the building of a new Children’s Campus.

The Cabinet Member was advised that Fieldside had been vacated by the last resident in March 2012, and subsequently Ofsted had approved closure of the home.  The People’s directorate had advised that they had no alternative use for the building.

Option one in the report suggested that the building be declared as surplus to requirements, that Infrastructure Services explore options for the building, and that any capital receipts realised would support future priorities set within the People’s directorate capital programme.

Resolved – (a) That option one as outlined within the report be approved, and (b) that the building be declared surplus to the requirements of the People’s directorate with immediate effect.