People Cabinet Member – Minutes – 8 October 2012

27        (27) RIGHT TO PROVIDE – EXPRESSION OF INTEREST – The Director of People submitted a report to advise of the opportunity to put forward an expression of interest to access funding to develop a business plan for a staff led social enterprise, and sought approval to develop a full business plan.

In November 2010, Frances Maude, the Cabinet Office Minister had given the green light for public sector workers to get a ‘right to provide’ (R2P) – that was a right to take over and run services themselves as an employee led mutual.  In March 2011, the Department of Health published ‘Making Quality Your Business, A guide to the right to provide’.  The document detailed the necessary steps to be taken by staff to exercise the R2P, the first being an expression of interest which was supported by the responsible Elected Members to develop a business plan/feasibility document to pursue the development of a Social Enterprise.

It was explained that initial discussions had taken place with Local Partnerships, the outcome being that a spin out service of the Councils Post 16 Supported Accommodation Team functions would be eligible for financial support from the Social Enterprise Investment Fund.

It was anticipated that the formulation of a business plan would enable the Council to access funding to develop a full business case/plan.  The full business plan would provide comprehensive details on the makeup of the company, its trading potential; finance and risk that would inform the final decision making on the feasibility of creating a staff led social enterprise.

The report contained details of options in relation to this matter.

Resolved – That approval be given to option 1 as detailed within the report, in order to enable a full business plan to be created to assess the feasibility of a staff led social enterprise.