People and Policy & Resources Cabinet Members – Minute – 23 August 2012

1        (1)  REVIEW OF LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT–The Director of Policy and Resources submitted a report which outlined further options for the cabinet members to consider, as part of the staffing review of the council wide learning and development.

The report outlined how the council’s workforce was its most important resource and how it must ensure that the workforce had the right attitudes, behaviours and skills, which would be achieved through an effective workforce development approach.

It was explained that effective workforce development was about supporting employees and partners, as individuals and teams, to develop skills, knowledge and understanding to enable them to complete their jobs well and continually improve the service they delivered.  It required a clear workforce strategy around recruiting, developing and retaining the staff needed to help the council achieve its ambitions.

Following the functional review of council wide learning and development, a staffing review had been undertaken to ensure the Adult Community Learning Service (ACL) and the council’s learning and development provision were fit for purpose, to support future adult community learning, service users, carers and partnership needs, together with workforce development, and to improve value for money across all areas.

Accommodation requirements had been mapped, taking into account the requirements of People’s Service, ACL and Corporate Learning & Development and the Boarding House at Sir John Nelthorpe School had been identified as having accommodation available which had the capacity to be developed into a central administrative function.

The cabinet members were advised of the proposal to move the current arrangements to a single administrative centre, with each area managing a top sliced learning and development budget that was linked to council and service priorities.

Resolved – That the option identified in paragraph 3.1 of the report be approved.

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