Customer Services, Sport & Leisure Cabinet Member – Minute – 15 November 2013

27        (6)  SAFER NEIGHBOURHOODS – CONTRACT FOR  DRUG TREATMENT SERVICES –  The Director of Places submitted a report to advise the cabinet member of the outcome of the procurement process relating to drug treatment services and sought approval for the award of contract.

The council needed to provide drug treatment services as part of its statutory public health duties, which aimed to achieve successful outcomes from drug treatment for vulnerable people with complex needs.

Providing locality based services for people with substance problems was a council priority with implications across a range of stakeholders. These included housing, education, police, probation, prisons, health and social care, domestic violence, the multi agency risk assessment conference (MARAC), voluntary sector providers and voluntary groups. National guidelines such as the 2010 National Drug Strategy helped inform the mechanism delivery.

An urgent decision was necessary in order to ensure that the contract could be awarded in time to allow the service to commence on the planned date.

Details of the bids, tenders and the evaluation of the tenders were outlined within the report.

Resolved – (a) That Agencia Consultancy Ltd be approved as the council’s preferred bidder for the Active Change Community Recovery Service contract; (b) that following contract award the provider be asked to develop a service initiation plan for presentation to commissioners and this will be tabled and ratified at formal governance groups through the Safer Neighbourhoods Executive Board, and (c) that the designated lead from the Substance Misuse Team be authorised to work closely with the preferred bidder, to ensure that the new service provision is mobilised in a timely manner.

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