Customer Services, Sport & Leisure and Asset Management, Culture & Housing Cabinet Members – Minutes – 30 July 2013


2          (2)  SECURING THE FUTURE OF SPORT, LEISURE & CULTURE –  The Director of Places submitted a report which sought consideration of the future policy direction for Sport, Leisure and Culture related services, and approval of the Action Plan to take the services forward.

The council had been working since November 2011 to identify options for securing the future for Sport, Leisure and Culture.  Following public consultation and soft market testing with potential partners a series of appraisals were undertaken, which also took into account the new council priorities.

A proposed mixed economy approach to service delivery had emerged as the preferred option for the council’s sport, leisure and culture services.  As a result specific services were identified to be retained in house, and the council would consider any approaches from community groups to look at the potential for community led facility management for the rest.

A summary of all these plans was outlined in the Action Plan appended to the report, however it was explained that the plan did not fully address the budget pressure of £291,000.

Further details of the proposals were outlined within the report and appendix.

Resolved – That the Action Plan to secure the future of Sport Leisure and Culture and oversee the development of actions to resolve the outstanding budget pressure of £291,000 be approved.


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3          (3) SPORT, LEISURE & CULTURE CATERING REVIEW – The Director of Places submitted a report which sought consideration for the future delivery of catering services across Sport, Leisure and Culture venues.

It was explained that there was a mixed economy in the way in which services were run and reviews had been undertaken of all services to see if there were more cost effective ways of running them.  The aim was to maximise the return from those which made a profit, and to ensure that those making a loss, at least broke even.

Proposals were outlined within the report.

Resolved – (a) That the following option for each service be approved –

Facility Current Provider Preferred Future Provider
Ancholme Leisure Centre In house In house
Indoor Bowls Centre In house Bowls club or cease
Normanby Hall Country Park (Café and Hall) In house In house
Normanby Hall Golf Course Cloverleaf External
North Lincolnshire Museum Cloverleaf External or cease
The Pods Churchill External
20-21 Visual Arts Centre In house In-house revised offer or cease

, and (b) that the catering management arrangements across Sport, Leisure and Culture as described in this paper be reviewed.

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