Highways & Neighbourhoods Cabinet Member – Minutes – 26 March 2014 (Urgt)

105                (52) PUBLIC TRANSPORT CONCESSIONARY FARE SCHEME 2014/15 – The Director of Places submitted a report which sought approval of the proposed public transport concessionary fare scheme for 2014/15.

An urgent decision was needed as the scheme was to be implemented by 1 April 2014.

By law, the council must provide free travel on local buses for older people and people with disabilities, and must also reimburse bus operators the money they lose by giving free travel.

The Council had a legal duty to provide free travel for passholders on local buses and in North Lincolnshire passholders enjoyed benefits over the legal minimum. These included free bus travel before 09:30 on weekdays and concessions on local train services.

The money that operators received should depend on how much they would get if passholders paid a fare, however it was difficult to estimate this because free travel encouraged more journeys.

It was explained that the Council had operated a version of a “fixed pot” scheme where the money payable was agreed in advance.  Both sides then knew what to expect during the financial year.

Further details of the proposals were outlined within the report.

Resolved – That the continuation of the current fixed pot system of payments be approved.