Highways & Neighbourhoods Cabinet Member – Minutes – 29 January 2014

99 (46) REVIEW OF THE ACCESS PERMIT SYSTEM FOR HOUSEHOLD RECYCLING CENTRES – The Director of Places submitted a report advising of the outcome of the consultation on the proposed changes to the access permit system for household recycling centres for residents with vans or similar commercial-type vehicles, and recommending changes to the system.

The council operated a permit system that regulated access by vans or similar commercial-type vehicles onto its household recycling centres.  Households that only owned a van or commercial-type vehicle could apply for a permit.  The permit allowed unlimited access.

The council had a statutory duty to provide recycling and disposal facilities for residents, these dealt with domestic waste.  The council could charge to receive commercial waste, although this was not currently the case.

Commercial waste generated in connection with a business should not be disposed of at a household recycling centre.  Evidence from the permit database supported that commercial waste carriers were disposing of their waste under the guise of a permitted vehicle.  This was to avoid paying disposal charges to a lawful disposal facility.

A consultation exercise took place during November.  The consultation was based on removing the unlimited number of visits allowed for vehicles registered under the current scheme.  The proposal was for twelve visits every year for a commercial-type vehicle or large trailer.  The proposals included a new service – a house clearance permit.  This would allow residents to use a hire van to help assist them in disposing of their household waste.

Resolved – (a) That the proposed changes to the access permit scheme for household recycling centres, be approved, and (b) that the new access permit scheme be reviewed after its first year of operation to address some of the concerns raised during the consultation.