Highways & Neighbourhoods Cabinet Member – Minutes – 31 October 2013

85        (32) WINTER SERVICE POLICY UPDATE 2013/14 The Director of Places submitted a report to advise the Cabinet Member on the outcomesof the winter service desk top review and sought approval for changes to the Winter Service Policy prior to the start of the winter season 2013/14.

An urgent decision was required on this matter so that the policy changes could be adopted for the core 2013/14 winter season that commenced on 1 November 2013.

Officers had concluded that the policy document used for the winter 2012/13 had in the main performed very well.  Some minor amendments were however necessary to operational procedures to address recent changes to “Well Maintained Highways”, the national code of practice for highway maintenance management with regard to salt resilience and salting spread rates.

The council had received a number of requests for including further streets in the schedule of precautionary salting routes and officers had assessed each request against the policy criteria.

It was explained that the revised policy also made reference to the requirement to put in place additional treatment arrangements covering the A15 that runs between Barnetby and the Humber Bridge. Experience of the unique characteristics that this road presented during snow/ice conditions had led to this change, and were in response to representations from Humberside Police on this matter.

Details of the proposed changes were outlined within the report and associated appendices.

Resolved – (a) That the amendments to the Winter Service Policy for 2013/14 be approved, and (b) that the addition of routes on to the Precautionary and Secondary Route salting networks be approved.