Highways & Neighbourhoods Cabinet Member – Minutes – 6 December 2013

In accordance with the Executive Procedure Rules of the council’s Constitution, the Leader of the Council was authorised to take the following decision on behalf of the Highways & Neighbourhoods Cabinet Member in his absence.

89        (36) TWO HOURS FREE CAR PARKING – HOME STREET, SCUNTHORPE – The Director of Places submitted a report which sought approval of the provision of two hours free parking at Home Street, Scunthorpe.

An urgent decision was needed on this matter to enable the free car parking to be in place on Monday 16 December for the lead up to Christmas, traditionally one of the busiest shopping periods of the year.

A number of ‘free parking’ initiatives were operating across North Lincolnshire and these included two hours free in selected car parks, free after 3pm in Allanby Street, and free after 2pm at the Parishes.

When the council had introduced free parking after 2pm in the Parishes multi storey car park and the Scunthorpe Market car park became two hours free, the one hour free concession that was operating in the Home Street car park was withdrawn.

The Market car park had proven extremely popular with shoppers and numerous complaints had been received from shoppers unable to find a free space.  It therefore seemed appropriate for the council to consider introducing two hours free at the adjacent Home Street car park.

Resolved – (a)  That the introduction of two hours free parking at the Home Street car park in Scunthorpe be approved, and (b) that these changes be introduced from Monday 16 December 2013.