Regeneration and Highways & Neighbourhoods Cabinet Members – Minutes – 6 December 2013

In accordance with the Executive Procedure Rules of the council’s Constitution, the Leader of the Council was authorised to take the following decision on behalf of the Highways & Neighbourhoods Cabinet Member in his absence.

2        (2) FREE PARKING –SATURDAY 14 DECEMBER – The Director of Places submitted a report which sought approval to suspend normal car parking charges in all council operated pay & display car parks on 14 December 2013.

The Cabinet Members were asked to consider taking an urgent decision on this matter to allow for the necessary publicity of the free parking offer in advance of 14 December.

The Cabinet Members had already approved a suspension of car parking charges on ‘Small Business Saturday’, 7 December 2013, in common with many other councils.  North Lincolnshire Council was at the forefront of providing free parking and it was considered that there was an opportunity to attract more shoppers to the town centres by extending this initiative further.

Resolved – (a) That the suspension of normal car parking charges on 14 December 2013 be approved, and (b) that all council operated pay and display car parks provide free parking on that day.