Regeneration Cabinet Member – Minutes – 30 January 2014

73        (14) WINTERTON NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN – APPLICATION FOR NEIGHBOURHOOD AREA STATUS – The Director of Places submitted a report to inform the cabinet member that Winterton Town Council had applied to have their area formally designated for the purposes of preparing a Neighbourhood Plan.  The report sought agreement to advertise and consult on Winterton Town Council’s application for neighbourhood status.

The Localism Act 2011 (the Act) introduced new opportunities for local communities to get involved in the planning of their areas by preparing neighbourhood plans, neighbourhood development orders and community right to build orders.   Before town/parish councils or neighbourhood forums could begin the work of preparing a Neighbourhood Plan, they were required to apply to have the area they wished the plan to cover, formally designated.

It was confirmed that the council was responsible for receiving and determining applications for the designation of a neighbourhood area and was required to advertise the application for a six week consultation period.

Winterton Town Council wished to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan for their area and as such had submitted a suitable application to have their area formally designated.  Details of which were appended to the report.

Resolved – (a)  That Winterton Town Council’s application for neighbourhood area status be approved, and (b) that a six week public consultation on the application be undertaken.


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