Customer Services, Sport & Leisure Cabinet Member – Minutes – 6 October 2014

34        (3)  NOMINATED NEIGHBOUR SCHEME –  The Director of Places submitted a report which provided an overview of the Nominated Neighbour Scheme and sought consideration of the proposals to launch this in North Lincolnshire.

The report explained that the scheme was a crime reduction initiative that had been launched in a number of areas.  The scheme was targeted at the elderly and vulnerable who may be nervous about unwanted callers or may be vulnerable to rogue traders or doorstep crime.

The basis of the scheme was that individuals would be briefed and issued with a Nominated Neighbour pack. Individuals identified a trusted neighbour, relative or friend who help deal with unexpected or unrecognised callers at there door. When an unwanted caller came to the door the resident would present them with a card, which asked them to either call a neighbour or visit an adjacent property to have themselves validated as genuine.

If the nominated neighbour was satisfied the caller was genuine they could either call and confirm this or return to the property and accompany the caller. Should they be concerned the caller was not genuine they could take further action, including calling the Police and Trading Standards as required.

It was suggested that a pilot scheme be launch and evaluated after 6 months.

Resolved – (a) That the nominated Neighbour Scheme in North Lincolnshire be adopted as a pilot in the Brigg Area, and (b) that the Head of Safer Neighbourhoods undertakes an evaluation of the scheme after 6 months and reports back to Cabinet.