Customer Services, Sport & Leisure Cabinet Member – Minutes – 9 April 2015

39        (7)  BODY WORN VIDEO CAMERAS –  The Director of Places submitted a report which sought to inform elected members of the deployment of Body Worn Video cameras for use by Neighbourhood Wardens and Civil Enforcement Officers.

The report related to the provision, overt use, deployment, downloading and storage of data in connection with Body Worn Video Cameras (BWV) used by the Community Warden Service (Civil Enforcement Officers) throughout North Lincolnshire.

It was explained that the specific aim of the project was to make best use of available resources and to transform service delivery by taking full advantage of new technology. It was considered that the use of BWV would greatly assist with the prevention and detection of antisocial behaviour and would enhance the safety and well-being of the general public as well as wardens themselves.

Detailed guidelines had been developed and wardens would receive training in practice and procedure. The report explained that all images recorded using BWV would remain the property of the Council and would be retained in accordance with Council policy. The images were recorded for the aforementioned purposes and would not be shown or given to unauthorized persons/agencies.

Specific details about the BWV equipment was outlined within the report.

A Short trial was undertaken by staff in February 2015 and the feedback was positive. Employees were consulted about the use of the Body Worn Video and had agreed to their use as per the proposed protocol which was appended to the report.

Resolved – (a) That the adoption of the Protocol (appended to the report) for the use of Body Worn Video be approved; (b) that the use of Body Worn Video by designated Civil Enforcement Officers be approved, and (c) that the Protocol be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure it remains compliant with operating procedures and the law.