Asset Management, Culture & Housing Cabinet Member – Minutes – 24 July 2014

105            (7) COMMUNITY RIGHT TO BID – NOMINATIONS REGISTER – The Director of Places submitted a report updating the Cabinet Member on the Community Right to Bid Nominations Register.

Local community groups or parish councils could nominate buildings or land for listing as an Asset of Community Value under the Community Right to Bid Initiative.

For a local group to successfully nominate an asset, they would have to demonstrate that:

·         Its activities were wholly or partly concerned with the local authority area (or a neighbouring authority); and

·         It was a group that was qualified to make a nomination.

An asset could be listed if it ‘furthered (or had recently furthered) their community’s social well being or social interest (which included cultural, sporting or recreational interests) and was likely to do so in the future’.

The Nominations Register showed the progress of each nomination from the date a valid nomination was received through to the appeal deadline, where applicable.

Resolved – That the information held within the Nominations Register be noted.

106            (8) FORMER CROWLE LIBRARY BUILDING – The Director of Places submitted a report seeking approval to declare the former Crowle Library building and to approve the termination of the agreement to occupy the property.

The council had rights to use the former Crowle Library building by agreement with the Secretary of State for Health.  The council could hand back the property on the service of three months notice.  Only the council could use the property under the agreement, the building could not be let to any other party.  The council did not pay rent on the building.

The council had to pay 32% of costs for communal facilities.  The costs included repairs, maintenance and renewals.  The costs also included a share of the costs of heating the building.  The council also paid all repair and maintenance costs for the library building.  The council was also liable for separate outgoings, such as NNDR and electricity. 

The library moved some time ago to the Community Resource Centre.  The council looked at using the former library for an Adult Services locality base.  However, the service did not require the space.  No other internal users had come forward since the building was advertised in 2011.

Resolved – (a) That the former Crowle Library building be declared surplus to the requirements of the council, and (b) that the Director of Places serves notice on the Secretary of State for Health to end the agreement allowing the council to occupy the building.

107            (9) ARTS COUNCIL FUNDING FOR THE JOINING UP THE HUMBER PROJECT AND MAJOR PARTNER MUSEUM STATUS – The Director of Places submitted a report informing the Cabinet Member of the progress made in the first year of the ‘Joining Up the Humber Museums’ project, along with the decision to award Major Partner Museums status to the partnership of North Lincolnshire Museums Service, Hull Museums and East Riding of Yorkshire Museum Service.

The Arts Council awarded a grant of £1 million in April 2013.  The grant was being shared between museum services in North Lincolnshire, Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire.  North Lincolnshire Museums Service was using the funding to mark 100 years since the outbreak of the First World War.  This was the largest grant that the Arts Council made under its Strategic Funding programme in that year.

The service had produced an Annual Report for the Arts Council, the report detailed what the project had achieved in its first year.

Resolved – That the information contained in the report on the progress achieved to date with respect to the ‘Joining up the Humber Museums’ project be welcomed.

The corresponding report of the following item (Minute 108 refers) contains exempt information as defined in Paragraph 3 of Part 1 of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972 (as amended).

108            (10) PROPERTY TRANSACTION SCHEDULE – The Director of Places submitted a report for consideration, and where necessary, approval of a schedule containing the terms of all recently negotiated property transactions.

The schedule covered both operational and commercial property.

Resolved – That the schedule appended to the report be approved.

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