Highways & Neighbourhoods Cabinet Member – Minutes – 19 January 2015

154  (31) CENTRAL PARK – WATER PLAY FACILITY – The Director of Places submitted a report seeking approval for further investment towards improving the facilities for customers at Central Park, Scunthorpe.

The council had made a number of improvements to the visitor experience at Central Park in recent years.  These included new footpaths, a new outdoor cafe, new children’s play equipment and the refurbishment of the fountain.  Further play equipment was added earlier in 2014 in response to comments from park users, particularly those with younger children.

Since completing the fountain refurbishment, the council had struggled to prevent its occasional unauthorised use as a ‘paddling/bathing’ facility, particularly during periods of warmer weather.  This had raised some health and safety related concerns.  The lack of any alternative formal water play feature in the park was likely to have contributed to this situation.  Some years ago, there was a formal paddling pool in the park but it had long since been removed.

The possibility of providing a simple form of water ‘splashpad’ play facility had been explored.  One of the key advantages of a ‘splashpad’ feature over a more traditional paddling pool facility was that out of season, the facility could be used for alternative purposes, making all year round use of the area possible.

An area close to the existing playground area and café was suggested for locating a water play facility.

Resolved (a) That the proposal to take forward a project to provide a water play facility in Central Park, Scunthorpe during the current financial year, be approved, and (b) that the proposal to use underspends within the current approved capital programme to fund the projects in question, be approved.