Highways & Neighbourhoods Cabinet Member – Minutes – 20 October 2014

135  (13) PROTOCOL FOR MANAGEMENT OF HORSES IN NORTH LINCOLNSHIREThe Director of Places submitted a report seeking to adopt a protocol for dealing with the management of horses in North Lincolnshire.

The numbers of abandoned and fly grazing horses were increasing nationally.  This was not a major problem locally; however, there had been an increase in the number of incidents of fly grazing on council land.  It was therefore proposed that the council adopted a protocol on the Management of Horses in North Lincolnshire.

Members of the public had previously had difficulty in reporting horse issues to the council.  The issues involved could be complex.  It was not always clear which department should deal with the issues in hand.

The protocol suggested providing a central point of contact via the council’s call centre.  This should help to ensure calls were correctly signposted to the relevant council department.

Resolved That the protocol for the Management of Horses in North Lincolnshire be approved and adopted.

136  (14) DEVELOPING PARKS IN NORTH LINCOLNSHIRE PROPOSAL FOR A STRATEGIC PLAN 2015-2020 – The Director of Places submitted a report seeking approval of the production of a strategic plan for parks in North Lincolnshire.

A strategic plan for North Lincolnshire’s parks would enable a structured and co-ordinated approach to the long term planning and management of these valuable assets.

Parks played an important role in the everyday life of local people.  The proposed strategy would take into account their use for organised and informal leisure activities by individuals and groups.  It would also deal with environmental and heritage considerations.

In terms of a proposed timescale, it was aimed to complete the strategy early in 2015 to allow roll out of the vision during 2015/16 through a five year period to 2019/2020.  The initial stage in producing the plan would determine the council’s key priority areas and turn them into a set of aims.  Consultation with elected members, residents and park users would play a significant role in establishing these priorities.  It was anticipated some of the key themes would be around children and young people, enhancing the quality of life and providing welcoming and safe places to use.

In order to develop the plan effectively, officers would consider the current position of each park and its history.  The intention was to build a plan around the nationally recognised Green Flag assessment and to link with council priorities.

Resolved That the production of a strategic plan for parks in North Lincolnshire, as outlined in the report, be approved.