Highways & Neighbourhoods Cabinet Member – Minutes – 4 March 2015

163  (40) SUPPORTING EVENTS AND ATTRACTIONS IN NORTH LINCOLNSHIRE – The Director of Places submitted a report seeking agreement from the Cabinet Member as to the best way forward for the council to support community events, in respect of traffic management arrangements.

The Highway network was essential to North Lincolnshire’s economy.  For the majority of the time it functioned effectively. Occasionally, volumes of traffic could increase causing localised short term problems.

An example was when attractions and events, like shows, take place. These brought additional visitors and road users that often needed managing. The peaks in volume could create difficulties for all road users, making journey times difficult to quantify. They could also be detrimental to the attractiveness of the event itself if not effectively managed.

Events and attractions were an integral part of community life. Most were well organised.  Event committees or groups spent many hours trying to ensure that the event experience was enjoyable. An important part of the events group’s responsibility was to consider appropriate arrangements for traffic in relation to parking, and entry and exit routes.

The council already supported local event groups to plan events through the Events Safety Advisory Group. This brought together most, if not all, of the relevant agencies that had an interest in event activities in the region.

Event groups needed to assess traffic risks. They needed to consider at one end of the scale, whether formal traffic management arrangements such as Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders, (TTRO’s) were necessary. They also needed to consider if these required enhancing by enforcement arrangements. At the other end of the scale they may determine arrangements without TTRO’s and enforcement would suffice.

The report gave details of options currently open to event organisers.

Officers within the council had considered how event organisers might be helped.  As a result it was proposed that once the event committee had considered the level of risk then the council could offer two route options for organisers to consider.  Support and advice from Network Management staff around appropriate arrangements could also be provided if requested.  The report gave full details of the proposed options.

Resolved – That the establishment of a support service for local events, as outlined in the report and accompanying appendix, be approved.