Highways & Neighbourhoods Cabinet Member – Minutes – 9 December 2014

148 (25) HEALEY ROAD PLAYING FIELD – The Director of Places submitted a report which sought approval to draw from the Scunthorpe Special Expenses Reserves (SSER) for works to improve Healey Road Playing Field.

The council was in the process of producing a “Parks Strategy”
for all parks in North Lincolnshire, which would set out clear aims and goals for all parks and playgrounds and identify costs for both improvements and on-going maintenance.

Healey Road was one of 25 sites in Scunthorpe that the council was responsible for the maintenance and upkeep.  The site had formerly been a disused allotment site and was converted to a much needed community playing field space in 2006/07.  Since the conversion the site had suffered from poor drainage and an uneven surface, and in addition there was a limited amount of play equipment at this site, which did not fully meet community needs.

Council staff had met regularly with Ward Councillors and Local Area Representatives to discuss the options available for the site.

The council had undertaken basic maintenance and repairs to equipment as there were no capital budgets available for larger scale improvements.  It was clarified that the SSER however could provide the larger scale works funding.

Consultations with users had confirmed the drainage of the site to be a top priority, along with a desire for improved children’s play facilities and a multi-use games area. Neighbourhood Services had explored the costs of the necessary works to resolve the drainage issue and these were expected to be in the region of £50,000 with an additional £30,000 required to lever in external grants to improve the existing play equipment.

Full details of the proposals were outlined within the report and associated appendix.

Resolved– That the improvement of Healey Road Playing Field and the allocation of £80,000 from the Scunthorpe Special Expense Reserve to fund the works in question be approved.