Regeneration Cabinet Member – Minutes – 23 March 2015

109      (24) FLOOD PROTECTION MEASURES TATTERSHALL CASTLE, NEW HOLLAND – The Director of Places submitted a report which sought approval to allocate funds for the purpose of building flood protection measures to Tattershall Castle Court Industrial Estate, Morgan Way, New Holland.

The tidal surge in December 2013 flooded both residential homes and business premises located next to the bank of the River Humber in North Lincolnshire. The Prime Minister announced the Business Support Scheme for flooding which formed part of a package of funding to help local economies, businesses and households, in response to the impacts of flooding and to begin the process of recovery.

The Economic Development Team had worked with businesses to promote and administer the grant and had so far allocated nine grants for a total of £65,417.81.

It was explained that a number of options had been explored to provide flood protection measures to Tattershall Castle.  The preferred option provided for a flood fence with plastic piling as a permanent barrier and a post and board mountable barrier for the site entrance.  It was considered that this option would provide an adequate level of protection and require minimal disruption to the site in construction compared with other options.

Resolved – That Cabinet Members approve the allocation of funds from the Business Support Grant for the provision of flood protection measures to the Tattershall Castle Court Industrial Estate, New Holland.

110     (25) CREATION OF LEADER PROGRAMME STAFFING – The Director of Places submitted a report which sought approval to create two new fixed term posts to deliver the Northern Lincolnshire RDPE LEADER Programme.

North Lincolnshire Council had previously managed and delivered the LEADER rural development programmes using funding from DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs). The previous Programme ran from 2007-13 and additional Transitional Funding allowed for continuation of the programme during 2014/15.

A Local Development Strategy (LDS) was submitted to government in September 2014 to develop a further LEADER Programme. The LDS sought to build on the success of the previous programme and provide a strategy for growth across rural Northern Lincolnshire.

It was reported that the bid for LEADER funding had been successful and the allocation would be between £1.466m and £1.587m.

The 2015-20 LEADER Programme would differ from previous years as Government tasked the LDS with becoming more business focussed.The proposed structure for delivering the LEADER Programme for Northern Lincolnshire was to have a LEADER Coordinator and a part-time LEADER Support Officer.

Further details were outlined within the report.

Resolved – That the creation of the two LEADER posts be approved

111     (26)  ACTION STATION NORTH LINCOLNSHIRE – The Director of Places submitted a report which outlined proposals for the delivery of the Council’s Apprentice ship Programme for September 2015, and the creation of an Action Station North Lincolnshire.

The report outlined that the Action Station would enhance the Council’s enabling role and provide a more coordinated approach to raising aspirations, employment and skills across North Lincolnshire.

The report sought approval to create four new posts as part of this proposal.

The Action Station was not intended to replace or duplicate existing skills and training activity, but to coordinate, signpost and provide an alternative platform for this existing activity.  The team would provide the overall management and administration for the town centre site, ensuring staffing levels were adequate and that activities and events were fully supported.  They would also provide a coordinating role between different agencies and develop an online presence available to both providers and residents.

Although the proposed Action Station team would deal with the day to day management of the Action Station, it was anticipated that partners would take joint responsibility for staffing the town centre station and would offer suitably qualified staff to undertake the assessment and signposting roles that were central to this vision.

Full details of the proposal were outlined within the report.

Resolved – (a) That the creation of the Action Station for North Lincolnshire, and changes to the Council’s apprenticeship programme be approved; (b) that the establishment of the following fixed term posts be approved:

Action Station Manager (anticipated Grade 8) – two year fixed term

Action Station Support Officer (anticipated Grade 3) – two year fixed term

Education Regeneration Officer (anticipated Grade 7) – two year fixed term

40+ Progression Advisor (anticipated Grade 6) – one year fixed term,

and (c) that the Director of Places be authorised to approve the final grades of the new posts upon completion of the job evaluation process.