People Cabinet Member – Minutes – 16 February 2015

192      (59)  EARLY YEARS EDUCATION STRATEGY – SCHOOLS AND EARLY YEARS SETTINGS The Director of People submitted a report which sought approval for the publication of the North Lincolnshire Early Years Education Strategy for Schools and Early Years settings.

The strategy document had been informed by consultation with head teachers, school governors, early years’ managers, early years’ committees, early years’ providers, child minders and early years’ services leads.

North Lincolnshire Council had a crucial role in ensuring that the needs, aspirations and potential of our children and young people were fulfilled.  It was an exciting time to be involved in early education with change occurring across every level of the system in the way that early education was organised, delivered and valued.

‘The Early Years Education Strategy’ demonstrated how North Lincolnshire Council would fulfil its legal duty under the “2006 Childcare Act for Early Years education.

North Lincolnshire had many strengths to build on, particularly the high levels of   engagement, strong relationships and a desire to provide a high quality early education. In the academic year 2013/14, the proportion of children being taught in early years provision judged good or outstanding by Ofsted increased significantly: from 64% to 78%.

The document set out the overarching strategy that would help achieve these outcomes for the youngest children of North Lincolnshire, focusing efforts on increasing parents’ engagement in early learning and child development; integrating approaches around the child to ensure all their needs were met and supported a self-improving Early Years sector.

The strategy document was appended to the report.

Resolved – That the Early Years Education Strategy – Schools and Early Years Settings be approved.