Adults and Assets, Culture & Housing Cabinet Members – Minutes – 18 November 2015

1 (1) DEVELOPING THE LILACS SITE FOR SPECIALIST DEMENTIA ACCOMMODATION – The Director of People and Director of Places submitted a joint report setting out a proposal to develop the council’s Warwick Road site to meet the needs and requirements for specialist dementia accommodation, and seeking approval to declare the former Lilacs Care Facility, located on Warwick Road, Scunthorpe, as surplus to requirements and available for development.

The Lilacs was a purpose built residential care home facility owned and managed by the council.  The Lilacs site was now vacant and decommissioned as a regulated care facility.

The Joint Strategic Assessment identified around 2,260 residents of North Lincolnshire as living with dementia. It was further estimated that 608 people developed the condition locally each year.  Assuming prevalence rates remained constant, the number of people living with dementia in North Lincolnshire could increase between now and 2020.  Information from Adult Services suggested that the main reason for admission to residential and nursing care was due to dementia related need.

Utilising the full range of key intelligence held within the North Lincolnshire Strategic Assessment, the council and NHS North Lincolnshire developed a joint commissioning strategy ‘Living Well with Dementia’ 2012-2016.  In line with national strategy, the local strategy prioritised the development of housing options. This included the use of telecare to prolong independent living and delay the reliance on more intensive services.

There was an opportunity to develop a scheme using latest developments in design for dementia, incorporating telecare and assistive technology, as set out through the Housing LiN and HAPPI report. Each property would have its own front door and would be affordable to rent. Care and support services would be needs led through personal budgets. An allocations framework would ensure fair and equitable access based on need.

Resolved – (a) That the development of a specialist accommodation scheme for people with dementia and memory type conditions, be welcomed; (b) that the proposal to declare the Lilacs accommodation as surplus to the requirements of the People Directorate, be approved; (c) that the visionary design for the Lilacs site be approved, (d) that the outcomes of the consultation with community and partners be reported to the Assets, Culture and Housing Cabinet Member at a later date.