Assets, Culture & Housing and Neighbourhoods Cabinet Members – Minutes – 17 March 2016

1 (1) WORKS IN DEFAULT GUIDANCE NOTE – The Director of Places submitted a report seeking approval of the Works in Default Guidance Note.

Environmental Health and Operational Housing had served a large number of formal notices under a plethora of legislation each year. The approved Enforcement Policy covered all forms of enforcement action. Many of the notices served required action of some form, e.g. from removal of piles of rubbish from a garden to extensive repairs to homes.

The relevant service area often carried out the work in default when the notice remained outstanding. The cost of the “works in default” could and should ordinarily be recovered from the person on whom the notice was served.

The works in default guidance note set out the procedure for recovering costs under the different legislation, which included through the County Court debt recovery process. It also set out the use of land charges and enforced sale where appropriate.

Resolved – That the attached Works in Default guidance note, as set out in appendix one, be approved.