Children’s Services Cabinet Member – Minutes – 1 October 2015

15 (15) AMALGAMATION CONSULTATION BERKELEY INFANT SCHOOL AND BERKELEY JUNIOR SCHOOL – The Director of People submitted an urgent report seeking approval to undertake a formal consultation regarding a proposal to amalgamate Berkeley Infant School and Berkeley Junior School.

An urgent decision was required on the matter in order that the consultation could be undertaken in the required timescales to inform the governors’ decision about head teacher recruitment.

The governors from Berkeley Infant School and Berkeley Junior School formed a hard federation on 1 January 2015.  The new arrangement created a single governing body, the role of which was to oversee the strategic governance of both schools.  The infant and junior schools currently had separate head teachers.

The federation structure had created a more effective arrangement to allow school leaders to work in partnership.  There was now increased scope to build capacity within the schools to achieve more than either school could as a single establishment.

The currently federation arrangements were working well.  However, in light of the recent retirement of both head teachers, governors had reviewed the current federation structure to consider whether an alternative option maybe more suitable.  In conclusion, the governors had decided, in partnership with the local authority, that now was the right time to look at becoming a through primary school.

The report gave details of the amalgamation process.

Resolved – (a) That option 1, as set out in the report, to confirm that a consultation may be undertaken to seek stakeholders’ views regarding the amalgamation of Berkeley Infant and Junior Schools, be approved, and (b) that the proposed method for amalgamating the schools be to expand the age range of Berkeley Junior School and ‘technically close’ Berkeley Infant School.






Amount Granted

8th Ashby Guides £1,000


Bottesford Town Council


£300, subject to exclusive use and retention at Tea Pot Hall.
Barton upon Humber Trinity Methodist Church


£30,000 in 2016/17, subject to securing partnership funds.
Lincoln Gardens Community Association


Street Beat


50% of costs up to £3,672
Winterton Town Council