Children’s Services Cabinet Member – Minutes – 2 July 2015

7        (7) APPOINTMENT OF LOCAL AUTHORITY SCHOOL GOVERNORS The Director of People submitted a report which sought consideration to appoint or re-appoint suitable candidates to serve as local authority goverrnors.

The local authority (LA) had an agreed procedure for the selection and nomination of local authority governors.  This procedure met the requirements of guidance which required local authorities to match applicants’ skills against governing bodies’ requirements.

Where a vacancy occurred, or a current local authority governor’s end of term of office was approaching, the process required governing bodies to identify the skills they ideally required from any potential applicants.

Option 1 sought to match each applicant to the most appropriate governing body based on their skills, knowledge and experience.  This matching process provided the opportunity for each authority governor to maximise the use of their abilities to improve outcomes for children and young people.

Resolved – (a) That the following person be appointed as Authority School Governor on the school listed, subject to the relevant DBS checks:

Bottesford Infants                                                             Mrs Lisa Longstaff