Customer Services, Sport & Leisure, Assets, Culture & Housing and Children’s Services Cabinet Members – Minutes – 30 September 2015

8 (7)  COMMUNITY GRANT AID APPLICATIONS – The Director of Places and the Director of People submitted a joint report which sought consideration of six applications that had been received for Community Grant Aid.  The applications were considered against the scheme’s criteria and available funds.

The Community Grant Fund supported –

  • Grants to Individuals • Community Revenue Grant Programme • Community Capital Grant Programme   A summary of the applications was set out in appendix one to the report.

Resolved – That the following amounts of Community Grant support be approved:






Amount Granted

8th Ashby Guides £1,000


Bottesford Town Council


£300, subject to exclusive use and retention at Tea Pot Hall.
Barton upon Humber Trinity Methodist Church


£30,000 in 2016/17, subject to securing partnership funds.
Lincoln Gardens Community Association


Street Beat


50% of costs up to £3,672
Winterton Town Council