Leader of the Council/Regeneration & Devolution Cabinet Member – Minutes – 19 October 2015

11 (11) CHANGES TO REGISTRATION SERVICES – The Director of Places submitted a report seeking approval for the cessation of the Nationality Checking Service due to decline in demand, and for the introduction of new services and associated fees.

The council needed to periodically review the range of registration related services provided, particularly in response to the changing demands of customers.  Some services were statutory but others were discretionary.

Statutory fees applied to some registration services.  These included statutory wedding and certificate fees.  Statutory fees for registration services were set nationally by a complex formula based on returns submitted by councils to the Department for Communities and Local Government.

It was vital that the service be continually reviewed to ensure that a cost effective, customer focused and financially sustainable service was delivered.

The report gave details of proposed changes to services, along with full details of fees.

Resolved – That the proposed changes to Registration services and fees, as set out in Option 1 in the report, be approved.