Neighbourhoods Cabinet Member – Minutes – 2 December 2015

27 (27) PARKING RESTRICTIONS – MOORWELL ROAD AND MESSINGHAM ROAD, SCUNTHORPE – The Director of Places submitted a report considering an objection received by the council to the proposed Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) on Messingham Road, Scunthorpe.

The council had received complaints from residents of Nursery Close about parking close to the junction with Moorwell Road.  Residents believed that the problem was caused by visitors to the Dolphin Pub and parents of children at Bottesford Schools.

Businesses had raised concerns about parking opposite their access close to Moorwell Business Park.  The existing double yellow lines had a gap of approximately 30m which it was proposed to close.

Further complaints had been received from businesses on Moorwell Business Park.  They suggested that staff from nearby businesses were parking in a way which obstructed access to premises.

The proposed restrictions were to address the above concerns.

Resolved – (a) That the Traffic Regulation Order, as set out in Appendix 1 to the report, be approved, and (b) that officers write to the residents advising them of the decision, following the normal statutory procedure.