Neighbourhoods Cabinet Member – Minutes – 23 February 2016

32  (32) AMENDMENT TO WINTER SERVICE ARRANGEMENTS – The Director of Places submitted a report considering a proposal to make a temporary alteration to the council’s approved Winter Service arrangements.

The Cabinet Member approved the council’s arrangements for the provision of the council’s winter service for 2015/16 in October 2015 (minute 22 refers). In the accompanying report, reference was made to additional requests received by the council for the addition of roads etc to the schedule of precautionary routes for salting. One of these was in connection with Shore Road, Garthorpe. Officers had assessed the merits of the request concluding that the road in question did not meet the criteria for inclusion. The recommendation approved by the Cabinet Member duly excluded Shore Road from the list of precautionary routes.

Following a recent road traffic accident in apparently icy conditions, the issue of not treating this road as a precautionary route had again been raised. Additionally, it had been suggested that the road was now subject to more frequent use by school bus services and emergency service vehicles. Local Ward Members had asked that consideration be given to adding Shore Road to the schedule for precautionary salting.

Resolved – That the proposal to make a temporary alteration to the council’s approved Winter Service arrangements, to add Shore Road, Garthorpe to the precautionary treatment regime, as set out in paragraph 3.1 of the report, be approved.

33   (33)  TRAFFIC REGULATION ORDER CLOSURE OF LINK ROAD BETWEEN STAINDALE ROAD AND COVERDALE ROAD The Director of Places submitted a report considering objections received by the council to the proposed Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) – Prohibition of Driving – Staindale Road, Scunthorpe.

The Brat Hill Farm development had been ongoing for many years and subject to numerous planning applications, including adding areas and dwelling numbers to the site. As the master plan for this and adjacent sites evolved, vehicular access to the development was shown via Lakeside

As part of a planning appeal, the Planning Inspectorate imposed a condition on the Brat Hill Farm development (PA/2010/0749). The condition stated that the access road between the development and Staindale Road should be closed to vehicles after an alternative access has been provided.

The inspector felt it was reasonable to prevent vehicular access from Staindale Road to help with the living conditions of residents on the appeal site and Staindale Road. The access was to allow pedestrian, cyclist and emergency vehicle use only.

The adjacent development was not currently part of the adopted highway or subject to a Section 38 agreement.  However, the roads were substantially complete and the responsibility of the developer. Planning conditions allowing development had been complied with and discharged.

Officers had designed a scheme to comply with the planning condition and the details were subject to a Stage 2 Safety Audit.  The developer had agreed to meet the costs of implementing the bollards.

Resolved – (a) That the order be upheld and its introduction authorised, and (b) that officers write to the objectors advising them of the decision.