Neighbourhoods Cabinet Member – Minutes – 8 October 2015

The Cabinet Member declared a personal interest in Minute 20, due to being a family title holder on a plot at Woodlands Crematorium.

20 (20) WOODLANDS CREMATORIUM – MEMORIAL POLICY – The Director of Places submitted a report informing the Cabinet Member of a request to consider amendments to the management regulations of Plots A and B at Woodlands Crematorium.

Woodlands Crematorium had operated for 50 years. Section A was first used for burials in 1977 and held 1,514 plots. Section B was first used for burials in 1989 and held 1,467 plots. Current policy applicable to the areas in question required the use of standard bronze plaques as memorial headstones. As such, the areas benefited from some uniformity of appearance and equality of provision to plot holders.

Recently, the council had become aware of a local campaign seeking to change the regulation around areas A and B at Woodlands Cemetery. A petition had been established in support of this campaign. The campaign was to allow a different style of headstone from the bronze plaques designated for these areas. A counter campaign aiming to retain the existing arrangements had also been launched in response, also supported by a petition.

The Local Authorities Cemetery Order 1977 (LACO) sets the general parameters under which cemeteries can operate, full details of this were included in the report.

The council recognised that arranging for a burial came at a very difficult time for bereaved families. As such, maintaining clarity over the regulations and adhering to them on an on-going basis was critically important. The council operated nine cemeteries in total. As Brumby, Crosby and Woodlands were all located in the Scunthorpe urban area; there was some degree of choice in terms of the service provision available.

Resolved – That Option 1, that the current regulations that applied to sections A and B be changed to allow granite or marble headstones up to 20” high so as not to incur any future liabilities for memorial safety testing, be approved.

21 (21) ST NORBERT’S CATHOLIC PRIMARY VOLUNTARY ACADEMY, CROWLE WAITING RESTRICTIONS – The Director of Places submitted a report considering objections to the Traffic Regulation Order on Fieldside, Chancery Lane and West Terrace Street, Crowle.

Changes to current on-street parking arrangements in the vicinity of St Norbert’s Catholic Primary Voluntary Academy School, Crowle were proposed.  The restrictions were requested by the school and the local ward members. The proposed restrictions were designed to remove parking in front of the school. The proposals also included restrictions on other sections of Fieldside, Chancery Lane and West Terrace Street.

The proposed restrictions were part of the wider efforts to reduce the number of children travelling to school by car. It would also encourage more healthy and ‘green’ alternatives.

Resolved – (a) That the Traffic Regulation Order, as shown on the plans in Appendix 1 to the report, be approved, and (b) that officers write to residents advising them of the decision, following normal statutory procedure.