Policy & Finance Cabinet Member – Minutes – 22 February 2016

48 (48) PROPOSED CHANGES TO EMPLOYEE TERMS AND CONDITIONS – The Director of Policy and Resources submitted a report outlining proposals for changing the terms and conditions of employment for council employees in support of the additional budget shortfall identified from April 2016 onwards.

The council’s approved budget contained a proposal for terms and conditions savings amongst others, which aimed to address financial pressures from 2016 onwards. In trying to achieve savings, services had already delivered on a number of restructures and reviews. As employment costs accounted for 70% of the council’s revenue spend, changes to terms and conditions had to be considered.

The range of proposed changes to terms and conditions achieved a £1.3 million saving and were based on actual spend during the last full financial year 2014/2015, so were an estimate of potential savings.

Direct consultation with employees had taken place via a series of road shows held in April and July 2015. As part of this consultation a suite of possible changes were put forward and the options contained in the report for consideration were as a result of direct employee feedback.

Resolved – That the proposals outlined in the report be approved and adopted.