Adults & Families and Health & Wellbeing Cabinet Members – Minutes – 27 March 2017

2 (2) NEW RIDDINGS LIBRARY PROPOSALS AT RIDDINGS POOL – The Director of Places submitted a report seeking approval for further work to develop a co-located leisure and library facility at Riddings Pool.

The council operated two facilities in the Riddings area of Scunthorpe.

Riddings Pool was located on Enderby Road and was open 83.5 hours per week.  It offered a wide range of opportunities and facilities for people to engage in physical activity.

Riddings Library on Willoughby Road was open 24 hours per week.  The library held around 9,750 books and offered seven People’s Network computers.  The library was also the base for the Education Library Service.  The library was part of a wider building complex that included Riddings Community Centre and a health clinic.

The council aimed to join up services to maximise facilities for customers and deliver sustainable amenities.  The potential to incorporate a library at the Riddings Pool site had been investigated.  A feasibility study for co-locating facilities at Riddings Pool had been completed.

Resolved – (a) That the progression of further work to develop a co-located leisure and library service at Riddings Pool be approved, and (b) that further reports be submitted to the Cabinet Member as the project progresses.