Children, Families & Learning Cabinet Member – Minutes – 21 April 2017

39 (39) SHORT BREAKS INFORMATION STATEMENT 2017-2020 – The Director:  Learning, Skills and Culture submitted a report seeking approval of the revised Short Breaks Information Statement 2017-2020.

The ‘Breaks for Carers of Disabled Children Regulations 2011’ provided the framework for the development of short breaks.  The regulations placed statutory duties on all local authorities.  In performing the duty, the regulations specified, in so far as was reasonably practicable, that a range of services be provided sufficient to assist carers to continue to provide care, or do so more effectively.

The regulations placed a duty on local authorities to develop and publish a Short Breaks Information Statement.  The statement must be prepared in consultation with local carers of disabled children, be kept under review and be updated as appropriate, to enable sufficiency to be maintained.

The council’s original short breaks statement was published in 2011, with a revised copy being published in July 2014.  The statement had now been reviewed and refreshed in order to reflect current short breaks arrangements and developments.

Resolved – That The Short Breaks Information Statement 2017-2020, be approved.