Children, Families & Learning Cabinet Member – Minutes – 6 January 2017

24 (24) ANNUAL EDUCATION REPORT 2016 – The Assistant Director Education submitted a report presenting the Annual Education Report 2016 for approval.

The council had a statutory duty to ensure area-wide standards and educational excellence. In line with the council’s role as an enabler and facilitator of sector-led improvement, the council had set the ambition of attaining top-quartile outcomes for children and young people by all measures.  By 2020, North Lincolnshire would be amongst the best local authority areas in England for:

• attendance and inclusion
• the quality of provision
• learning outcomes.

The council had prioritised improving education outcomes for all children and young people. Additional investment had been made for improving the quality of the built environment, the quality of provision and the effectiveness of leadership and governance.

The Annual Education Report provided a synopsis of education standards in North Lincolnshire.  The report identified the key areas for action, with the purpose of provoking debate about how to address local education priorities.

Resolved – That the publication of the North Lincolnshire Annual Education Report 2016, be approved.