Business, Innovation, Employment & Skills and Environment Cabinet Members – Minutes – 28 March 2017

1 (1) LOCAL NATURE RESERVE DECLARATIONS 2017 – The Director of Operations submitted a report seeking to enhance the council’s suite of Local Nature Reserves (LNRs) by approving the declaration of a new Local Nature Reserve at Barton Wolds, Barton upon Humber.

The council had declared thirteen LNRs to date.

The proposed Barton Wolds LNR lay on the western edge of Barton upon Humber.  It included the roadside verges of the A1077 and A15 roundabout and slip roads.  These important grasslands were of Local Wildlife Site quality.   They supported fairy flax and three species of orchid.  The remainder of the site comprised broadleaved plantation, including the millennium woodland.

The current proposal at Barton Wolds covered 11.9 hectares.  It was possible to extend the area in future, to take in more public open space.  The site required thinning, woodland management and sensitive mowing of the road verges.

Resolved – That the declaration of a new Local Nature Reserve at Barton Wolds, as set out on the map appended to the report, be approved.

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