Environment Cabinet Member – Minutes – 22 December 2016

16 (16) “ALL ROADS” STREET WORKS MANAGEMENT PERMIT SCHEME – The Director of Places submitted a report seeking approval to adopt an “All Roads” Permit Scheme for North Lincolnshire roads.

In April 2016, the council adopted the Yorkshire Common Permit Scheme for North Lincolnshire (minute 30 refers).  Implementing the scheme had helped to:

• improve the co-ordination of works on the roads
• reduce disruption to road users
• assist public transport
• reduce carbon emissions

Longer term the permit scheme would help to achieve the goals of the Local Transport Plan.

The current permit scheme only covered Category 1, 2 and Traffic Sensitive roads.  To adopt and “All Roads” scheme would increase the benefits across the total highway network.

As the Department of Transport deregulated permit schemes in April 2015 under The Deregulation Act 2015, councils had the discretion to sign off local permit schemes rather than applying for permission from government, through an order.

Resolved – That officers be authorised to implement an “All Roads” Permit Scheme for North Lincolnshire from April 2017.