Environment Cabinet Member – Minutes – 7 October 2016

11 (11) PROPOSAL TO ESTABLISH A SUB-NATIONAL TRANSPORT BODY – The Director of Places submitted an urgent report seeking approval to support the proposal by Transport for the North to establish a sub-national transport body.

Transport for the North (TfN) was a partnership established in October 2014 between the local transport authorities, combined authorities and Local Enterprise Partnerships from the whole of the North of England.  Transport for the North worked with Government, Highways England, High Speed 2 Ltd and Network Rail through the TfN Partnership Board.  The council was a member of Transport for the North and its sister agency, Rail North.

Transport for the North aimed to:

• Develop, co-ordinate and oversee the delivery of an ambitious transformation pan-northern transport investment strategy.
• Speak with one voice on behalf of the North of England, underpinned by robust economic and technical evidence, partnership, stakeholder engagement and governance.
• Deliver integrated transport connectivity with faster and more frequent journeys and increased passenger and freight capacity both within the north of England and between the rest of the UK and the World.
• Maximise the potential of transport to drive and support economic growth in the Northern Powerhouse.

Transport for the North was proposing to establish a sub-national transport body.  The report gave details of the following with regard to the proposal:

• Legislation
• Constitutional matters
• Functions, and
• Next steps

The matter was urgent in order to enable Transport for the North to adhere to their agreed timetable.  The council was the last local authority to provide their decision on their support for the creation of the sub-national transport body.

Resolved – (a) That the proposal by Transport for the North to create a sub-national transport body, as set out in the report, be approved, and that the council duly provide written support for the formation of Transport for the North, and agree to become a full member, and (b) that the support of the council be subject to on-going discussions surrounding the formation of the Greater Lincolnshire Combined Authority and the Combined Authority’s potential future membership of Midland Connect, potentially necessitating a review of the council’s Transport for the North membership position in the future.