Governance and Transformation Cabinet Member – Minutes – 18 May 2016

1 (1) GENERATING INCOME THROUGH ADVERTISING AND SPONSORSHIP – The Director of Policy and Resources submitted a report which updated the Cabinet Member on the recent soft market testing exercise which had sought to identify potential opportunities to generate additional income through  advertising and sponsorship. The report also sought approval to commence procurement of a managed advertising and sponsorship solution.

A scrutiny review on paid for advertising took place in 2009. The review determined that paid for advertising should not be carried by the council’s website but that the position relating to other forms of advertising should continue to be reviewed.

Since that time the council had pursued an ad hoc approach to seeking income through advertising – most notably on roundabouts and car parking tickets.

In July 2013 the Cabinet Member for Policy and Resources approved the advertising and sponsorship policy which set out the council’s position to carrying paid advertising.

The report set out a number of principles which related to the council’s position on advertising and sponsorship.

In order to have had a clear idea of all potential advertising and sponsorship opportunities, an audit of current assets suitable for advertising was to be undertaken.

In February 2016 the council commenced a soft market testing exercise which helped determine the best way to maximise income through advertising and sponsorship. The purpose of the exercise was to enter into dialogue with market specialists.

Resolved – (a) That the procurement of a managed services contract under the Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation framework and in line with the council’s approved advertising and sponsorship policy as set out in the report be approved, and (b) that a further report on the findings, opportunities and commercial options arising from the procurement be submitted for consideration and approval prior to the award of any contract.

2 (2) CONTRACT AWARD INFORMATION 2015-16 – The Director of Policy and Resources submitted a report which set out a summary of contracts awarded by the council during the year 2015-16.

In support of the council’s transparency arrangements, the report detailed information on all contracts directly awarded via the eTendering system over a threshold of £5000. As with previous years, the report excluded contracts awarded by other public bodies on the council’s behalf under collaborative arrangements.

During 2015-16 a total of 156 tendering exercises were undertaken which resulted in 193 contracts being awarded to 193 companies. Of these, 25 tendering exercises were over £100,000. 42% of all contracts were awarded to suppliers based within North Lincolnshire.

Resolved – That the findings as set out in the report be noted.

3 (3) MOBILE VOICE AND DATA CONTRACT OUTCOME – The Director of Policy and Resources submitted a report which updated the Cabinet Member on the outcome of the recent re-procurement exercise for the provision of mobile voice and data services.

The council-wide arrangement for mobile voice and data services was held by Everything Everywhere (“EE”). It was let under a national government framework and sector leading competitive terms were obtained, which were due to expire in May 2016.

In January 2016 the council applied to take part in the Crown Commercial Services (CCS) National Further Competition 34 (NFC34) for Mobile Voice and Data Services which was competed under Lot 6 of the Network Services Framework Agreement.

The outcome for the council was that in comparison to the current customer pricing with EE, the new contract represented an indicative saving of 68% which would reduce annual costs from £100,000 to £30,000.

Resolved – That the outcome of the mobile voice and data services procurement be noted.