Governance and Transformation Cabinet Member – Minutes – 19 August 2016

18 (18) PROTOCOL FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF HORSES IN NORTH LINCOLNSHIRE – The Director of Places submitted a report which sought approval to adopt the revised version of the Management of Horses in North Lincolnshire Protocol.

In response to a national increase in the number of abandoned and fly grazing horses, the council adopted a protocol for the management of horses in its area in 2014.

The report outlined a number of updates to the protocol which included:

  • Changes to the template letters in the appendices were required. Since the   protocol had been adopted, national guidance had been published which included these template letters
  • Ongo tenancy agreements had been updated to include a condition that residents could not keep horses and the protocol had been updated to reflect these changes.

Resolved – That the changes to the protocol as outlined in the report be approved.