Governance & Transformation Cabinet Member – Minutes – 21 September 2016

21 (21)    BUDGET TRANSFERS (VIREMENTS) 2016-17The Director of Policy and Resources submitted a report which sought approval for changes to revenue and capital budgets for 2016-17 as part of the council’s policy of active budget management.

On 23 February 2016, council approved the revenue and capital budgets for the 2016/17 financial year.  The report gave details of virements that required Cabinet Member approval.

Resolved – That the virements at paragraph 3.1 of the report be approved.

22 (22)    PROFESSIONAL SERVICES USAGE – QUARTER 1 2016/17 – The Director of Policy and Resources submitted a report to advise on the consultancy usage for Quarter 1 of 2016/17.  The report highlighted the consultancy usage to support major projects within North Lincolnshire and to advise on the overall effectiveness.

The protocol for managing consultancy was introduced as part of a package of cost management measures in 2011. The protocol required services to report their use of consultants on a quarterly basis. This reporting requirement was formally adopted as part of the council’s updated contract procedure rules in May 2012.

It was widely recognised that the provision of specialist expert advice was essential for the successful delivery of major projects and effective management of potentially high cost risk exposure.  Examples of major council projects requiring specialist advice included:

–                  Building Schools for the Future

–                  University Technical College (UTC)

–                  Waste Treatment

–                  Capital Programme

–                  Lincolnshire Lakes

For the purpose of the report the term “professional services” was used to describe the procurement of highly specialised subject matter expertise which the council did not possess in-house or where an independent opinion was required.  Examples included specialist environmental surveys, technical analysis and advice on essential legal requirements such as Construction Design and Management (CDM) regulation compliance.

Resolved – That the findings set out in the report for Quarter 1 in 2016/17 be noted.

23  (23)    DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND ABUSE POLICY – The Director of Policy and Resources submitted a report that sought approval to amend the council’s Domestic Violence and Abuse policy.

The council had been supporting the ‘White Ribbon Campaign UK’.  This was part of an international campaign by men to rid society of violence and abuse against women in all its forms.

Supporting the campaign lined to the council’s local priority of ‘support’ by safeguarding and protecting the vulnerable.  The council was working towards achieving the ‘White Ribbon Town Award’.  This award recognised councils who had demonstrated their commitment to the aims of the White Ribbon Campaign.

Consequently, in conjunction with the council’s Domestic Abuse Strategy Manager, a number of amendments to the policy had been proposed.  The amendments were summarised in paragraph 2.3 of the report.

Resolved – That the revised Domestic Violence and Abuse policy be approved and implemented.