Children, Families & Learning and Health & Wellbeing Cabinet Members – Minutes – 12 October 2016

10 (10) COMMUNITY GRANT AID – CASH FOR YOUR COMMUNITY – The Director of Places and the Director of People submitted an urgent, joint report which sought to consider a partnership opportunity with the Scunthorpe Telegraph to provide financial support to local community groups.

The Community Grant Fund included a scheme to help support the revenue costs of community groups.

The council had received an approach from the Scunthorpe Telegraph offering the opportunity to be involved in the Cash for Your Community promotion.  This would run in the paper for 13 weeks with registration forms and voting coupons.  External promotion would also take place during this period. The voting coupons would then be counted and verified and the amounts won published in the paper in the New Year.

The council was required to contribute £15,000.  Cheques for the winners would be issued by the owners of Scunthorpe Telegraph in the New Year.

In return the council would benefit from its logo on all Cash for Your Community publicity and editorial in the paper and external branding.  Council representatives would also join Scunthorpe Telegraph representatives in presenting the top three winners of the competition with their cheques.

The matter was urgent due to the Scunthorpe Telegraph publication schedule to achieve the desired timescales.

Resolved – (a) That the offer to partner with the Scunthorpe Telegraph Cash for Your Community promotion be approved, and (b) that a partnership fund of £15,000 allocated from the council’s Community Grant Fund, with the condition that funds allocated could only be used for the benefit of voluntary groups based in North Lincolnshire, be approved.