Health and Wellbeing Cabinet Member – 9 February 2017

Social History Disposals 2017   (2)  HEALTH AND WELLBEING ACTIVATORS– The Director of Places submitted a report which sought approval for the establishment of a new post of a Health and Wellbeing Activator, with an associated job description on a fixed term and casual contract basis. 

The Council agreed the revenue budget for 2016/17 in February 2016.  The approved budget required that opportunities be explored to generate new sources of income by offering a more commercially viable service.  Officers were actively seeking new opportunities to deliver services for both internal and external customers that focused on achieving the priority aims in the approved council strategy. 

A number of ongoing projects made use of casual staff.  The structure and prior approval in place to recruit additional staff in a timely manner was required to deliver existing projects and secure new opportunities.

Resolved – That the establishment of the post of Health and Wellbeing Activator and the associated job description be approved.

3        (3)  SOCIAL HISTORY COLLECTIONS DISPOSAL – The Director of Places submitted a report seeking approval to dispose of 1,069 items from the Social History Collection in line with the agreed Museum Service Collections Development Policy.

The North Lincolnshire Museums Service has a social history collection of around 43,000 objects.  Collecting started in 1909 when Scunthorpe Museum was originally founded, and this collection was merged with the Baysgarth Museum collection in 1996.  The Museums Association asked museums to reassess their collections and how they use them as part of a drive to make collections more relevant and useable.  This involved putting more objects on display and transferring objects no longer required to other museums.

Following a comprehensive assessment of the local collection, a number of items were found to have been duplicates, not in good enough condition to put on display, photocopied documents, or items not relevant to North Lincolnshire.  A number of options to dispose of these items were set out in the report, including offering the items to other accredited museums or investing any funds raised through disposing of items back into the collection.

Resolved – That the disposal of the items listed in appendix one of the report in line with the Museum Service’s Collections Development Policy and the Museum Association’s Code of Ethics be approved.

The corresponding report on the following item (Minute 4 refers) contains exempt information as defined in Paragraph 3 of Part 1 of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972 (as amended).

4        (4) COMMISSIONING OF THE INTEGRATED SEXUAL HEALTH SERVICE – The Assistant Director Prevention and Commissioning submitted a report seeking approval to proceed with a joint commissioning process with North East Lincolnshire Council and to seek tenders for a Northern Lincolnshire Integrated Sexual Health Service.

North Lincolnshire Council was the responsible commissioner for the local Integrated Sexual Health Service since April 2013.  This included a range of services including sexual health promotion, treatment and contraception.  Services were provided on a North Lincolnshire footprint, although there were a number of benefits highlighted within the report associated with moving towards a Northern Lincolnshire approach.

Resolved – That a joint commissioning process with North East Lincolnshire Council proceed, seeking tenders for a Northern Lincolnshire Integrated Sexual Health Service be approved.