Leader of the Council – Devolution Cabinet Member – Minutes – 29 November 2016

5 (5) APPLICATIONS FOR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE – NORTH LINCOLNSHIRE TWINNING ASSOCIATION – The Director of Policy and Resources submitted a report considering an application for financial assistance towards the cost of representatives of North Lincolnshire Twinning Association visiting Luneburg, Germany to progress further communications and associated work to re-establish formal twinning links.

An application had been received from the North Lincolnshire Twinning Association for assistance towards the costs of a small delegation from the association visiting Luneburg.  A delegation of the association had visited Luneburg earlier in the year to establish initial contacts and commence discussions.  It was previously expected to take a longer period of time to achieve the progress made to date, and further financial support was thought not to be required until the next financial year.  However, significant progress had been made and a further visit was required in December 2016, with a likely delegation from Luneburg visiting North Lincolnshire next year to re-establish formal twinning links.

Bearing in mind the progress made to date and given the wish to re-establish a regular link with Luneburg, it was proposed that due to exceptional circumstances, and in addition to the maximum grant that had been given in any one year, this be waived, and that a further grant be given towards the cost involved in re-establishing the link.

Resolved – That the proposal to award a grant of £200 to the North Lincolnshire Twinning Association, towards the costs involved in further work to re-establish the twinning link with Luneburg, Germany, be approved.