Community Wellbeing Cabinet Member – Minutes – 15 August 2017

7 (7) INVESTMENT OF SCUNTHORPE LIBRARY PROVISION – The Director: Learning, Skills and Culture submitted a report seeking approval of investment into Scunthorpe Central Library to develop an integrated community offer and a consultation for the re-provision of Park library services.

The council’s capital programme for 2017-18 included £1m funding to develop the Central Library in Scunthorpe. This investment provided an opportunity to reinvigorate the Central Library offer and establish the facility as a key town centre destination and ‘go to’ place for information, advice and lifelong learning services.

Considerable feasibility work had been undertaken to develop the concept of an integrated community offer at the Central Library in terms of outcomes, nature, extent, design and viability of a new multi-service delivery model. The aim was to create a vibrant community space, bringing together a range of information, advice services and lifelong learning opportunities to:

• enable progression into employment
• raise aspirations
• improve digital access
• promote literate communities
• improve health and well-being
• provide cultural enrichment
• promote community prosperity
• transform the customer journey/experience

The preferred integrated model would comprise the following services:

• Library and Local Link services
• Action Station services
• Maximus Training (currently in Action Station)
• Citizens’ Advice Bureau
• Housing Advice
• Integrated Health

Park Library was over 50 years old and was a dated and unattractive stand-alone facility with significant maintenance demands. The library had the largest decline in membership across North Lincolnshire. Park was the closest library to Scunthorpe Central Library.

Resolved – (a) That the use of the £1 million capital resource identified within the approved Council budget to invest into Scunthorpe Central Library, developing a new, integrated community offer within this town centre space, be approved, and (b) that the council consult on the re-provision of Park Library as part of this development.

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