Community Wellbeing Cabinet Member – Minutes – 7 August 2017

6 (6) CONSULTATION ON THE RE-PROVISION OF UNIVERSAL SERVICES WITHIN BARTON – The Director: Learning, Skills and Culture submitted a report seeking approval to proceed with the consultation on re-provision of universal services within Barton.

The Barton Health and Wellbeing project aimed to create a fully integrated universal and targeted service based at the Baysgarth Leisure Centre site.

The project would create a co-located Adults Wellbeing Hub, Library and Local Link contact point at Baysgarth Leisure Centre. Space would also be provided for on-demand, targeted services, including activities and services for children and families.

The council would like to engage the public on the proposed design of the remodelled Baysgarth Leisure Centre. The consultation would run as follows:

• Press release to promote the project and direct the public to view the plans and leave their comments on the proposal.
• An event would be held at Providence House where plans would be displayed and council representatives would be present to answer any questions.
• The public could leave their feedback either online by completing a survey on the council’s survey monkey website or completing a feedback form which would be on display at Providence House and Baysgarth Leisure Centre. Plans would be on display for the duration of the consultation.
• The consultation would run from Friday 18 August 2017 for four weeks.

Resolved – That the consultation on the re-provision of universal services in Barton be approved.