Community Wellbeing and Safer, Greener & Cleaner Places Cabinet Members – Minutes – 29 September 2017 (Jnt)

12 (12) ESTABLISHMENT OF A LOCAL NATURE RESERVE – The Director: Operations and the Director: Learning, Skills and Culture submitted a report seeking approval for the establishment of a new Local Nature Reserve within the Kingsway site.

Section 21 of the National Parks and access to the Countryside Act 1949 gave powers to councils to acquire, declare and manage nature reserves.  The Kingsway site had the potential to host a Local Nature Reserve, providing an important contribution to meeting the recreational needs of local residents whilst at the same time providing valuable space for a range of species and habitats.

The council recently consulted with local residents and other key stakeholders about the creation of the new Local Nature Reserve within the Kingsway site.  Most respondents to the consultation agreed with the proposal to create a Local Nature Reserve.  Issues of importance to a large majority of respondents were the provision of benches, footpaths, general and dog waste bins and bird and bat boxes.  Half of the respondents requested information signage.

Over a third of respondents also expressed an interest in volunteering at the Local Nature Reserve.

Resolved – That the establishment of a new Local Nature Reserve within the Kingsway site, be approved.

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